A Saskatchewan Corporation Profile Report is basically a report or a document that provides a registered Saskatchewan corporation’s detailed public record information. We can compare it like a credit report for a corporation.

What information is includes in a Saskatchewan Corporation Profile Report?

  • A Saskatchewan Corporation’s Full Legal name
  • Any previous name of the Saskatchewan Corporation
  • Current Legal status (active, inactive, etc.)
  • Registered office and mailing address
  • Names and addresses of directors, officers, and/or shareholders (depending on the report)
  • Date of incorporation
  • Details of the most recent document filed with the registry
  • Information on any past amalgamations (mergers) the corporation was involved in
  • Extra-provincial registration information (if applicable)

Why is a Saskatchewan Corporation Profile Report useful?

There are several reasons people use a Saskatchewan Corporation Profile Reports:

  • To know good standing of a company: The report will help a person to verify the legitimacy and current status of a company. Give you clear understand of its ownership structure.
  • For legal action against a company: If anyone wants to take legal action against a corporation the report will help to identify the correct legal name and address of the company.
  • For investment opportunities: This report can provide total background information about a company.
Saskatchewan Corporation Profile Report
a Saskatchewan Corporation Profile Report

How can I obtain a Saskatchewan Corporation Profile Report:

There are a few ways to get a Saskatchewan Corporation Profile Report:

  • Online service: Several companies like RegiCorp offers Saskatchewan Corporation Profile Reports online for a fee.
  • Government website: You may obtain a Saskatchewan Corporation Profile Report from Saskatchewan government’s website. But, it may not be as comprehensive as reports from private companies.

Who can obtain a Saskatchewan Corporation Profile Report?

Anyone who is interested in obtaining a Saskatchewan Corporation Profile Report they can get Saskatchewan Corporation Profile Report whether he has a relation with corporation or not.

Important to note:

  • Financial statements are not available in a Saskatchewan Corporation Profile Report.
  • All information is based on the public record in a Saskatchewan Corporation Profile.
  • You can not get all information about a company (bylaw or minutes)

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