Generally, BC Name Approval means a process in British Columbia where all businesses (profit, non-profit, or society) must obtain a name Pre-approval for their proposed business name before they can officially use it for their business or corporation name. This is a mandatory requirement in British Columbia. This process makes sure that proposed business names are unique. The names do not cause any confusion with other existing business names or trademarks. And it meets specific guidelines set by the Government of British Columbia Registry Office.

Here’s why BC name pre-approval important:

BC name pre-approval is a Pre-process of getting a business name approval from BC Registry Services.  a part of the BC Ministry of Finance. Before register a business in British Columbia it is mandatory to get name pre-approval. Without BC name approval request Result no one can register business in British Columbia.

  • This process ensures that your proposed business name isn’t already in use with any existing business or trademark.
  • It removes any confusion for the public. Generally, avoiding misleading or inappropriate business names.
  • It creates a public record of your business that can be easily searched.

There are a few things to consider when choosing a business name for BC:

  • Availability: Check for available names before submitting your request
  • Descriptiveness: Include a term that reflects the nature of your business
  • Uniqueness: Your business name must be distinctive from any existing business name.
  • Avoid Restricted Words: There are some words that are not acceptable to use as business name. You must need to avoid those words (e.g., ministry, commission, Royal Canada, RCMP,). Some names need written consent (such as: if you use family name)

You can find more information and apply for name approval directly by the following link in our website.

BC Name Approval process Overview:

Name Search and Reservation: It is a good practice before request a name pre-approval, Applicants can conduct a name pre-search to check the availability of proposed name. It will save time and money both. It also ensures that it does not conflict with any existing registered names. You can do by either our name free search or a preliminary search report.

Name Approval Request: In this stage, if preferred name has no conflict or the name is available, the applicant must submit a Name Approval Request.

Review Process: Once Name approval request has been done, in this step the submitted name is reviewed based on several criteria. These usually are including distinctiveness, descriptiveness, and potential for confusion with existing names. There are two name timelines in BC Government system 48 hours and 21 days. 48 hours requires additional fees.

Notification of Decision: When submitted name is approved, the applicant will receive a Name Approval notice; if not, they will receive reasons for rejection and may need to submit a new name for approval. It should remember that once name is rejected there is no refund and applicants must start it from the beginning.

Name Reservation: Once approved, the name is usually reserved for a period (like 56 days in BC), during which the applicant can register their business with that name. After the reserved period the name again will be available for public to register.

How RegiCorp Inc. Can help you to get BC name approval?

RegiCorp Inc. can assist with the BC name approval or any other provincial name pre-approval. Here’s how RegiCorp might help you:

  • Specialize in business formation: RegiCorp Inc. is as a one-stop solution for business formation needs in Canada. Since BC name approval is an mandatory first step in business registration, we can help with this process.
  • We offer NUANS name search or Name Pre-searches: NUANS pre-search is used to check existing business name or any conflicts with other registered business or Trademark. This is a key part of BC name approval and proceeding to Business Registration

Here’s what RegiCorp might do to help you with BC name approval:

Expert Guidance: RegiCorp Inc. has experts and experienced BC name approval specialist who are familiar with the business name approval guidelines in British Columbia. They can provide advice on how to choose a name that meets all legal requirements and has a higher chance of approval.

Name Search Assistance: Our experts can conduct thorough name searches to ensure that the chosen business name does not conflict with existing trademarks or business registrations. This reduces the risk of rejection based on name similarity. Thus, you can save your money and time.

Preparation and Submission of Documents: We are registered member of BC Registry Services. That’s why, can help prepare and submit the Name Approval Request and other required documents to the BC Registry Services through our business account. We can ensure that all paperwork is complete and correctly filled out, which helps avoid delays.

Handling all Communications: If there are any queries or issues raised by the registry, ‘RegiCorp Inc. can handle these on our client’s behalf. We are providing quick responses and necessary modifications to any application. Because our all orders are assigned to a dedicated agent.

Monitoring and Updates: We monitor the status of all name approval request and keep updated on its progress. This includes notifying you as soon as the approval is granted or if further action is needed.

Additional Business Services: RegiCorp is a complete solution for all small and medium business in Canada. Beyond name approval we also offer a range of business services, such as business registration, incorporation, and compliance services, which can be valuable as you set up and grow your business.

Using RegiCorp Inc. you can save time and reduce the stress of navigating the bureaucratic process involved in name approval, allowing you to focus more on other aspects of starting and running your business.