Cancel Business Registration

If you want to cancel or dissolve your Sole Proprietorship or Partnership in Saskatchewan, you can do it. Your business registration cancelling might be necessary if you cease operations, change business structures, or relocate outside the province. cancellation method depends on how you initially registered your business.

When you need to cancel your Business Registration:

  • If You decide to change the name of your business after it is registered. At this case a new name reservation in Saskatchewan and business name registration is required. Once a Business is registered you can not change it until you cancel the registered one.
  • If you no longer interested to continue this business.
  • If you want to sell your business Registration. A sole proprietorship or partnership must be cancelled when the owners exit the business, because the ownership cannot be transferred.

Can I restart a Sole Proprietorship or Partnership Registration after cancellation?

Yes, but if the name is available to reserve. After cancel a business name the name will be available for public. If anyone did not take your name, you can then reserve the name.

RegiCorp can help you to cancel your Business Registration:

Our business Experts are here to help you to cancel your Business Registration. If you need any help, you can call us in our business hours. Or send email about your concern.