Obtaining a copy of your Articles of Incorporation is now much more easier than before through RegiCorp. Currently, You no need to go Physcilally to a Registry Office to get the documents that took severals days. But Now, You can get the documents through online with our Rush 1 business Hour.

Articles of Incorporation

Importance of Articles of Incorporation: 

These documents serve as the birth certificate for your corporation. They contain vital information such as the corporation’s name, the structure of its share capital, the number of directors, and other fundamental provisions governing the corporation’s operations. Having these documents at your disposal is crucial for a range of activities, from opening bank accounts to legal compliance and tax filing.

How Do I Retrieve a Copy of My Articles of Incorporation Through RegiCorp?

You can easily get a copy of the Article of Incorporation through the RegiCorp website. All services of RegiCorp are now online. That will save our clients time and money.
Step-by-Step Guide to Acquiring a Copy of Articles of Incorporation:
Identifying Your Corporation’s Details:
Start by gathering essential information about your corporation. This includes the legal name of the corporation, the Corporation Number , and the date of incorporation. This information is critical in ensuring the accuracy of your request.

Completing the Request Form:
Fill in the required details on the request form. This includes the corporation’s name, BIN and other pertinent details. Ensure that all information provided is accurate to prevent any delays or issues.
Payment and Processing:
After submitting the request form, you will be prompted to make a payment. The fee for obtaining the Articles of Incorporation is nominal and can vary. Once the payment is processed, your request will be submitted for processing.
Receiving Your Documents:
The turnaround time for receiving the Articles of Incorporation is generally quick. Once processed, the documents will be made available to you electronically or can be mailed to your registered address, based on your preference.

What is Required to Order a Copy of Articles of Incorporation?

  • The corporation’s exact name and corporation number
  • Jurisdiction of the Corporation
  • Contact Person Name, phone number and email address

What can I do with the copy of Articles of Incorporation?

Upon receiving your Articles of Incorporation, it’s important to utilize them effectively. Store them securely, preferably in digital and physical formats. They should be readily accessible for various business needs, like:
Open a bank Account: To open a bank account, you must have a copy of Articles of incorporation along with a certificate of incorporation.
Legal Compliance: Ensure your corporation adheres to provincial laws and regulations.
Financial Transactions: Banks and financial institutions often require these documents for account setup and credit arrangements.
Contractual Agreements: When entering into contracts or agreements, the Articles can be necessary to establish the legal status of your corporation.
Taxation and Reporting: For tax filings and annual reports, these documents validate your corporation’s legal structure and compliance.

Do the Articles of Incorporation include updates made after the company was first created?

No, the Articles of Incorporation do not show changes made after the company was originally formed. They remain as they were when first filed. If you need the latest information on changes like directors, officers, or addresses, you would need to get a Corporate Profile Report.

What If I Want Current Information About This Corporation?

If you need current information about the corporation, such as recent changes in directors, officers, or addresses, you should request a Corporate Profile Report. This report will provide the most up-to-date details about the corporation.

Other Copies of Corporate Documents:

  • Corporate Profile Report.
  • Certificate of Status.
  • Corporation Document List.
  • Tradenames Owned by a Corporation.
  • Corporation Point-in-Time Report.
  • Corporate Microfiche.

Features of a Copy of Articles of Incorpoation:

✔The documents includes corporation’s Certificate and Articles.
✔ The Documents does not show the corporation’s current status – active or inactive. For Current status you need Peofile Report
✔The Documnets only show the original documents generated at the time of incorporation.
✔The Document can be certified or Un-certified. Certified copies might be required for certain purposes.

Getting a Certified or Non-certified Copy of Ontario Articles of Incorporation

Previously, if you needed certified copies of documents, the Province would certify the actual microfiche and attach it to the Articles of Incorporation. This method wasn’t very convenient unless you had access to a microfiche reader to examine the documents.
Now, with the shift to digital formats, the Province provides the Articles of Incorporation with a certified one-page document attached to the file. This new method is more efficient and up-to-date, eliminating the need for a third party to verify the certified documents against the microfiche. The government currently offers both non-certified and certified copies of Articles of Incorporation for the same government fee.
Recently, the Province updated its systems to a digital format for retrieving the original Articles of Incorporation. However, this change has temporarily slowed down the document retrieval process to about 5 to 7 days.
In the past, it used to take 5 business days to order and retrieve the microfiche for any incorporation document in Ontario. The microfiche contained a copy of the Articles of Incorporation documents filed for each incorporated company in the province.

FAQs: Acquiring a copy of Articles of Incorporation

What are Articles of Incorporation?

Articles of Incorporation are legal documents filed with the government to legally establish a corporation. They include key information like the corporation’s name, the structure of its share capital, the number of directors, and the rules governing the corporation’s operations.

Why do I need a copy of my Ontario Articles of Incorporation?

A copy of your Articles of Incorporation is essential for various business activities, including legal compliance, opening bank accounts, applying for loans, tax filing, and entering into contracts.

Can I receive the Articles of Incorporation via Email?

When you order documents through us, we’ll send you a scanned copy of the Articles of Incorporation via email. If you order a certified copy, you’ll receive the scanned documents along with a certifying cover page in your email.

Where can I obtain the Ontario Articles of Incorporation?

You can obtain them from the Ontario Business Registry. This can be done online by accessing their website, logging in, and requesting the document under the ‘Document Orders’ section.

Can I get a copy of the Articles of Incorporation from any place in Canada?

Yes, you can. Ontario Business Central allows you to order a copy of the Articles of Incorporation from any province or at the federal level across Canada. You have the option to choose either a regular (non-certified) or an official (certified) copy from any area.

What information do I need to request my Articles of Incorporation?

You will need your corporation’s legal name, Ontario Corporation Number (OCN), and the date of incorporation.

Is there a fee to obtain these documents?

Yes, there is a nominal fee for obtaining a copy of your Articles of Incorporation. The exact amount can vary and will be indicated during the request process.

Do the original Articles of Incorporation show any changes made after the company was formed?

No, the original Articles of Incorporation stay the same as when they were first filed, even if there have been changes later. If you want to see the latest details about the company’s directors, officers, and addresses, you need to get a Corporate Profile Report. We can help you get this report.
If you’ve changed your company’s name or how it’s structured, you should also ask for the Articles of Amendment along with your original Articles of Incorporation. These Amendment documents will show if there’s a new name for your company or if you’ve changed the type of shares, like going from one kind of share to multiple kinds.

How long does it take to receive the Articles of Incorporation?

The processing time is generally quick. Once your request is processed and the fee is paid, the documents are typically made available electronically or sent to your registered address.

Can I amend my Articles of Incorporation?

Yes, amendments to your Articles of Incorporation can be made through the Ontario Business Registry. This might be necessary to reflect changes in share structure, corporate name, or director information.

Do I need a lawyer to obtain my Articles of Incorporation?

While a lawyer can assist in this process, it’s not mandatory. You can request and obtain these documents yourself through the Ontario Business Registry.

Can I order the Articles of Incorporation for more than one company at the same time?

Yes, you can. Ontario Business Central has simplified the process so that you can order documents for multiple companies all in one request. This means you don’t have to do a separate search for each business.
How should I store my Articles of Incorporation?
It’s advisable to store them securely in both digital and physical formats, ensuring they are accessible for various business needs.

Are the Articles of Incorporation different from the Business License?

Yes, they are different. The Articles of Incorporation establish the legal existence of your corporation, whereas a Business License permits you to conduct business in a specific locality or industry.