Incorporating a business in Saskatchewan can be done through various avenues, depending on your preference for professional assistance, self-service options, or direct interaction with the Corporate Registry. Here’s a guide to understanding these different methods:

There are three ways to incorporate your business.

  1. Do it by Yourself (DIY style)
  2. Professional Assistance from Lawyer or Chartered Accountant
  3. Service Providers

Incorporate a Saskatchewan business by Yourself

If you have enough knowledge about corporation registration and have fair and clear knowledge regarding articles of Incorporation, share structure, share class, bylaws and other Corporation legal matter then you can incorporate your Saskatchewan Corporation by yourself. Otherwise, you may take legal advise from any Lawyers or Service Providers (like RegiCorp).  

Incorporating a business obviously gives overwhelming feeling. That’s why the process should be done accurately and correctly. Too often business owners take the advice of a friend and choose to go online to incorporate their business. Be aware that online registration by DIY does not give you advice. You must register it by your own Knowledge.

Disadvantage of incorporating a Saskatchewan business by yourself:

Complexity: Incorporation involves legal documents and regulations, which can be hard to understand for first timers who have zero knowledge about incorporating a Saskatchewan business.

Potential errors: Mistakes in filing can lead to delays and additional costs. You may even punish thousands of dollar or may be improvised to misleading information.

Time commitment: Researching, gathering documents, and navigating online portals can be time-consuming.

Incorporate a Saskatchewan business by Professionals

You may incorporate your business by hiring a corporate lawyer or CPA accountant. Although hiring a corporate lawyer or Chartered professional Accountant to register with a corporation in Saskatchewan is expensive.

If your business has a complex structure, or you do not have well-versed knowledge in the registration procedure of Saskatchewan, you should consider hiring an experienced corporate lawyer or Chartered professional Accountant. An experienced professional will handle your business incorporation paperwork appropriately. They will also provide you with relevant legal advice which may help you to choose between a federal or provincial corporation.

Benefits of taking help form a Professional as follows:

Expertise and guidance: Professionals ensure you choose the right structure, complete paperwork accurately, and comply with regulations.

Time-saving efficiency: They handle tasks, freeing you to focus on your business.

Reduced stress and peace of mind: Knowing an expert is guiding you eases anxieties about potential missteps.

Of course, this path also comes with its own demerits:

Cost: Professional fees add to the overall incorporation cost.

Incorporate a Saskatchewan Business Using Online Service Providers

Most popular method to incorporate your business in Saskatchewan is using online incorporation services or service providers. Service providers offer a convenient way to incorporate your business without having to navigate the process yourself. The method is best for them who is not familiar of Business Corporation Act or who do not want to hire a expensive professional (Lawyer or CPA).

When you are incorporating your business by yourself you will need to make many important decisions about share structure, share distribution among shareholders, share class and numbers, directors, shareholders. You must have taken decision on effective date that have significant legal and tax implications. You also need to know the importance of keeping a Bylaws and minute book, choosing fiscal year or the ongoing obligations of a corporation.

On the other hand, Getting advice from a Professional (lawyers or Accountant) may costly. In RegiCorp you can save money and your time. RegiCorp provides correct and proper guidance to register your corporation easily. Our experienced corporate specialists will guide you on the best corporate structure and ensure all the relevant forms and filings are completed accurately and timely. RegiCorp is managed by experienced professionals and corporate specialists who review and correct the input information to ensure the documents are duly filled. RegiCorp also offer other services like preparation of Bylaw and minute books, CRA and Provincial tax account Set up, corporate kits, share certificates and resolutions upon request and for an additional fee.

There are many service providers that offer incorporation of a Saskatchewan corporation. is the best of them.

No matter which path you choose, remember: incorporating your business is a significant step towards your entrepreneurial dream. With careful planning, the right resources, and a determined spirit, you’ll conquer the incorporation peak and pave the way for a thriving business in the heart of Saskatchewan!