The Alberta Articles of Incorporation are legal documents that establish a corporation as a separate legal entity from its owners. We can call it a constitution for the corporation. These articles typically include main  information such as the corporation’s name, registered office address, number of shares authorized, restrictions on share transfers, and other key business details​​.

Alberta Articles of Incorporation for named and numbered Corporation:

In Alberta, a business owner can register their firm either as a named corporation, which has a unique name authorized by the government, or as a numbered corporation, which is assigned a unique number instead of a name by the government​​.

RegiCorp assists with the Alberta Corporation Registration process. It offers a customer-friendly form that can be filled out and submitted in about 10 minutes. RegiCorp provides assistance through calls, emails, or chat if needed during the form filling process​​.

Furthermore, the incorporation package offered by RegiCorp includes options for different share structures.

3 Types of Alberta Articles of Incorporation:

The standard share structure of Alberta Articles of Incorporation is used by single-owner corporations, allowing the issuance of an unlimited number of shares without specifying share classes.

The advanced share structure of Alberta Articles of Incorporation is for corporations owned by family members, permitting the issuance of class A common voting and class B common non-voting shares.

There is also a customized share structure of Alberta Articles of Incorporation option for corporations with non-family member owners, which allows for custom share classes with or without preferred shares​​.

Bylaws and Minute Book for Alberta Corporation:

Additionally, RegiCorp addresses the requirement of bylaws and a minute book for the corporation. Bylaws are a set of rules and regulations governing the internal management of the corporation, covering topics such as the election of directors, the duties and powers of officers, the conduct of meetings, and other internal governance matters.

The minute book is a collection of legal documents documenting the corporation’s activities and decisions, typically including the Articles of Incorporation, bylaws, board and shareholder meeting minutes, resolutions, and other essential documents​​.