Alberta Corporate Profile Report

What is Corporate Profile Report?

Alberta Corporate Profile Report is a comprehensive document that provides detailed information about a corporation registered in the province of Alberta, Canada. This report serves as a crucial tool for various stakeholders, including investors, business analysts, legal professionals, and other entities interested in gaining insights into a corporation’s structure, operations, and compliance status.

Generally, the following information provided in Profile Report:

  • Current and previous name(s) of the Corporation
  • Legal Status of the Business
  • Business all Registered Office and Mailing Address
  • All Director(s), Officer(s), and Shareholder’s Names and Addresses
  • Last Notice of Change Document Filed
  • Business involved in Amalgamation if any
  • Extra provincial registration information, etc.

Table of Content: 

1. What is Profile Report?

2. Components of an Alberta Corporate Profile Report

3. Request an Alberta Corporate search Report through RegiCorp 

4. Types of Searches report in Alberta

5. Purposes of an Alberta Corporate Profile Report

6. Conclusion

Components of an Alberta Corporate Profile Report:

Corporate Identification: The report includes basic information such as the corporation’s legal name, registration number, and date of incorporation. This serves as the foundational identification of the business entity.

Registered Office Address: It lists the official address of the corporation, which is essential for legal and official correspondence.

Directors and Officers Information: This section provides names, addresses, and positions of the corporation’s directors and officers, offering insights into the leadership and management structure.

Shareholder Details: It may include details about shareholders, especially in the case of private corporations, detailing the distribution and ownership of shares.

Corporate Status: This indicates whether the corporation is active, dissolved, or in a state of amalgamation, which is crucial for understanding its current operational status.

History of Amendments: Any changes made to the corporation since its inception, like name changes or alterations in the corporate structure, are documented.

Request an Alberta Corporate search Report through RegiCorp:

You can request an Alberta Corporate search Report through RegiCorp for information about a current or formerly registered:

  • Alberta corporation
  • extra-provincial corporation
  • partnership
  • trade name
  • incorporated non-profit organization.

Cost & Timeline:

RegiCorp will charge a government fee and a service fee to provide the information you need. You can get Alberta Corporate Report just in 1 Business Hour.

Types of Searches report in Alberta:

Certified Current Search

Applicable to: Profit and non-profit corporations, registered trade names, and partnerships.

  • Information includes:
  • Registration date.
  • Owners
  • Directors
  • Legal addresses.

Certified Historical Search

Similar to a current search but provides information for a specific past date.

Certificate of Status

Confirms the current status of a corporation or an incorporated non-profit organization.

Not available for trade names and partnerships.

Historical Certificate of Status

Similar to a current certificate of status, but confirms status for a specific past date.

Certified Copy of Information

A certificate or proof of filing for a specific registration.

Applicable to corporations, non-profit organizations, trade names, or partnerships.

Certified Copy of Transaction

Lists changes to information resulting from a registration.

Applicable to corporations, non-profit organizations, trade names, or partnerships.

Certified Copy of Attachment to Registration

Document submitted as part of a registration, such as court orders, society bylaws, or limited partnership agreements.

Digital Copy of Attachment to Registration

A digital (PDF format) copy of the attachment to a registration.

Certified Copy of Pre-1998 Document

A certified copy of a registration document submitted before 1998, like articles of incorporation, declaration of trade name, or notice of director.

Digital Copy of Pre-1998 Document

Digital (PDF format) versions of documents submitted in paper format before 1998.

Purposes of an Alberta Corporate Profile Report:

Due Diligence: For potential investors or business partners, this report is invaluable for conducting due diligence, ensuring the corporation is legitimate and in good standing.

Legal Compliance: It helps in verifying that the corporation is compliant with Alberta’s corporate laws and regulations.

Business Analysis: Analysts use these reports to understand a corporation’s structure and governance for market analysis or competitive research.

Legal Proceedings: In legal contexts, the report provides authoritative information about a corporation’s legal identity and structure.

Significance of the Report: Transparency and Accountability: The report promotes transparency, allowing stakeholders to access vital information about a corporation.

Risk Mitigation: Investors and partners can assess potential risks before engaging in business dealings.

Regulatory Compliance: It helps ensure that corporations are accountable for maintaining accurate and up-to-date information as per regulatory requirements.

Accessing the Report: The Alberta Corporate Profile Report can be obtained through Alberta’s authorized service providers. It is accessible to anyone willing to pay the required fee, making it a public document. However, the level of detail available may vary depending on whether the corporation is public or private.


The Alberta Corporate Profile Report is an essential tool for anyone involved in corporate affairs in Alberta. Its comprehensive nature allows for a detailed understanding of a corporation’s legal, structural, and operational aspects, aiding in making informed business decisions, ensuring compliance, and facilitating transparency in the corporate landscape of Alberta.

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