Annual Compliance Checklist in Canada is a set of document that helps businesses ensure they meet all the regulatory requirements and legal obligations imposed by federal, provincial, and municipal authorities. This checklist typically covers various aspects such as tax filings, financial reporting, employment standards, and industry-specific regulations. By meticulously following the checklist, businesses can mitigate the risk of non-compliance, avoid penalties, and maintain their reputation. It serves as a valuable tool for Canadian companies to stay organized and uphold their legal responsibilities throughout the year.

Annual Compliance Checklist in Canada
Required Business Activities to Be Performed Every Year in Canada
File an Annual Return 
File Individuals with Significant Control (ISC)
File Notice of Change
Business Activity Performed This Year Compliance Filing Required
Changed your Corporation Name

File an Articles of Amendment

Nuans Report

Name Reservation Report

Changed your Business Address Notice of Change
Expanded your business into a new Province(s)

Extra Provincial Registration

Nuans Report

Name Reservation Report

Changed Your Buisness Jurisdiction

Jurisdiction Change

Nuans Report

Name Reservation Report

Closed/Dissolved your Corporation File Artilces of Dissolution
Cancelled Your Business Registration Cancelled Existing Business
Updated your Business

Corporation’s Notice of Change

Update Business

Revived Your Corporation File Revive of Corporation
Expanded your business internationally (USA)  Register LLC in USA
Trade Name/DBA/Operating as name for corporation Register Trade name
Changed your Business activity or purpose Call 647 948 7191
Added/Removed Director of Corporation Director Change
Changed the ownership of your Corporation Shareholder Change
Want to TradeMark Trademark Application
Needed Canadian Copyright Copyright Registration
New/Renew Master Business License in Ontario Register Master Business License
Merged with another company or were acquired Call 647 948 7191
Business license or permit expired Call 647 948 7191
Failed to file your Annual Return File Annual Return
Corporation’s Notice of Change Notice of Change
Failed to file your Initial Return File Initila Return
Changed the Share Class/Share Structure

Minute Book

Share Certificate 

Added a new division to your Cusiness Register Trade Name
Needed Registered Address Address Service
Apply for a business loan Certificate of Status
Need Corporation Details Corporation Profile Report
Started charging sales tax (HST/PST/QST)  GST/HST/PST Account Set up
Hired your first employee(s) Payroll Account Setup
Started Export-Import Export-Import Account Set Up
Need Export-Import License Register Export-Import License
Needed Agent For Service Order Agent for Service
Held an annual meeting Draft Annual Meeting Minutes