Corporate supplies are needed for the day-to-day operations of a business. It’s including minute book, Seal, stamp, Share Certificates Folder, seal wafer and Share Certificates. RegiCorp Inc. offers different types of corporate supplies.

Minute Book:

A minute book is a record-keeping tool that creates a professional image for businesses, particularly corporations.  Minute books act as a centralized location for storing corporate documents, including articles of incorporation, bylaws, directors and shareholders resolutions and meeting minutes.

Currently we are offering three types of Physical minute book:

  1. Standard Minute Book $99
  2. Premium Minute Book. $229
  3. Legacy Minute Book $249

CRA, a lawyer or any other authority would request to view your minute book in case they have any issues with your corporation. For that reason, every corporation should have your minute book ready and updated at all times. Even Bank may be ask for minute book for opening a Bank account.

It’s also a storage of the company’s decisions, actions, and activities, serving as a valuable resource for future reference and decision-making. It also can be used as evidence in court proceedings or disputes related to corporate governance.

Copies of Corporation relevant agreements, contracts, or other materials associated with the recorded events must be included in it.

RegiCorp Inc. Minute Book

Corporate Seal:

A corporate seal, also known as a company seal, authenticate and formalize important documents of a corporation. It typically contains the company name, Address, etc.

We are offering the following seals:

  1. Mark Maker/ Seak Seal $99
  2. Pocket seal $85

Serves as a symbol of the company’s authority and signifies that a document has been duly approved by the corporation.

Business Seal:

A corporate seal is specifically associated with corporations, while a business seal can refer to the seal used by any type of business entity, including sole proprietorships and partnerships.

We have 2 types of Business seal:

  1. Desk Business seal $99
  2. Pocket Business Seal $85
Corporate Seal
Business Seal


A stamp is a material, typically rubber, with an impression or design on it. It is used to mark, validate, or identify something by pressing it onto a documents, Paper, or surface, often with the help of ink or pressure.

We have all type of stamps. Even you can send us your design as well.

Seal is often associated with greater formality and legal weight. On the other hand, Stamp Generally less formal and have varying legal weight depending on their purpose. For example, a postal stamp has no legal significance beyond indicating postage payment.

RegiCorp Stamp

Share Certificate:

A share certificate, also known as a stock certificate, is a formal document issued by a company that serves as legal proof of ownership for a specific number of shares in that company.

We have multi-color share certificates that will be provide according to your choice.

Share Certificates Folder:

A Share Certificates Folder is a physical folder use to store and organize share certificates. In it there is a designated space to keep Share Certificates safe and easily accessible. It is primarily used to protect and organize share certificates, preventing them from damage, loss, or misplacement.

We are offering two types of Share Certificates Folder

  1. One sided Share Certificates Folder $49
  2. Two-sided Share Certificates Folder $69
Share Certificate Folder one sided
Share Certificate Folder two sided

Seal wafer:

A seal wafer, also known as a wafer seal, is a small, self-adhesive disc used to secure and close envelopes, packages, or other items. Seal wafers are a convenient for securing share certificate and create a professional symbol as well.

We have different types of seal wafer. but most popular Golden color one piece has 300 seal wafers for only $49.

Seal Wafer