Articles of Incorporation in Saskatchewan are a set of guidelines and structure for a corporation. It’s the foundation of a corporation. In a sentence, it is a constitution of a corporation, outlining the structure, rights, and responsibilities within the corporation.

Articles of incorporation mainly focus on describing the types of share classes the corporation is authorized to issue, without specifying the quantity. However, they go beyond just shares to include essential contact details, any specific restrictions, various provisions, and additional bylaws that the business must follow.

In Saskatchewan, the Corporate Registry offers two types of (standard and customized) articles of incorporation. This option is particularly beneficial for corporations whose needs are not met by the standard templates provided.

This means you can write your own articles of incorporation that better fit and fulfill your corporation. This customization allows for a more personalized approach to defining how your corporation will be run, the roles and responsibilities of its directors, and the rights of its shareholders, among other key operational aspects.

Articles of Incorporation in Saskatchewan

What are Articles of Incorporation in Saskatchewan ?

Think of these Articles as your business’s birth certificate. They officially establish your company in Saskatchewan, outlining its:

Name of Corporation: Choose wisely, it’s your brand identity!

Share Structure: Choose a appropriate Share structure that is best fit for your corporation.

Purpose: What problem are you solving, or product are you offering?

Share capital: If a corporation, this defines the ownership structure.

Registered office: Your business’s official address.

Directors and officers: Who steers the ship?

Bylaws: Internal rules governing your company’s operations.

Types of Articles of Incorporation in Saskatchewan :

Saskatchewan offers two main types:

  • Standard Articles of incorporation: The basic template for most businesses.
  • Custom Articles of incorporation: Allows tailor-made provisions for specific needs. The articles are more details of every share, rights, share transfer and any other provisions and restrictions. Typically, large and more than one class share corporation choose this complex structure.

Filing Articles of Incorporation in Saskatchewan

Filing the Articles of Incorporation in Saskatchewan requires careful attention to detail and adherence to the provincial guidelines. The process involves:

Ensuring the chosen corporate name is available and approved. A corporation name must have 3 elements:

  1. A distinctive element (a unique term )
  2. A descriptive element ( Describe business type term or major activity of the business)
  3. A Legal Suffix (Inc., Incorporated, Limited, ltd., corp., corporation, incorporated)

Reserving a name is a mandatory preliminary step to filing your Articles of Incorporation in Saskatchewan. You must choose a available name and include your legal suffix when you search and reserve a name. The report is valid for 90 days. You may do NUANS Pre-search with RegiCorp to make sure whether your corporation’s name is available or not.

There is a second option, that is If you want, you can choose a Numbered corporation.

One of the most advantage of a Numbered corporations is it do not need to complete or reserve a name for Corporation. rather request a numbered corporation from Corporate Registry. When you choose a numbered corporation one thing should keep in mind that you can not choose a number for your corporation. A 9-digit number will be generated for you automatically through Corporate Registry.

Example of a Numbered Corporation: 123456789 Saskatchewan Ltd.

A numbered corporation also contains three parts, a 9-digit number (also known as the entity number), Province name (Saskatchewan) and a legal Suffix ( that you can choose) .

Every corporation must have at least 1 director.  A director is a person elected by the shareholders to oversee and manage the operations and strategic direction of the company. They play a key role in making decisions and ensuring that the company complies with laws and regulations.

A director is comparable to a captain of the ship, guiding the company’s vision and making key decisions about its business, from choosing its path to guiding it to success Whether you lead a firm, a company, or another organization, you hold ships and make sure that everyone’s sailing is on the right direction.

In Articles of Incorporation, you must mention the minimum and maximum number of directors of your corporation, or a fixed number of director(s). Typically, most of the corporations keep a minimum and maximum number (range) of directors instead of fixed number. The option will help to avoid amendment of Articles of incorporation if corporation decides to change the number of directors at some time in the future.

  • Incorporator(s) Details:

An incorporator is the one who initiates the process of forming a new corporation, acting like a midwife bringing the business to life. That means we can say that an incorporator is the individual or entity that files the Articles of Incorporation with the relevant governmental body to legally establish a corporation. They are responsible for setting up the initial structure of the company, including its name, purpose, and initial directors.

and ensuring everything is set up correctly, but unlike board members or directors, they typically don’t hold ownership or ongoing management roles in the company after its formation.

In every Articles of Incorporation in Saskatchewan you must provide details of the incorporator. A director or shareholder can be incorporator and most of the time it is occur.

Every corporation or business in Saskatchewan must have a registered address within Saskatchewan. A registered office contains two addresses. One physical, one mailing. The address for both can be the same, however, the physical office cannot be a post office. In later you can change registered address if your corporation shift one place to another place. But you must need to inform within 15 days of it’s change to Corporate Office

  • Share Structure and Share Class Details

This part is heart of an Articles of Incorporation. Share details describe the classes of every share of the corporation. It also describes the number of shares the corporation is authorized to issue (typically, unlimited) for each share class. If there is more than one class of shares, you must specify the rights, privileges, restrictions, and conditions for each.

Agent for service or power of attorney is only mandatory if Director of Corporation does not reside or live outside of Saskatchewan. Most of the time its need for an Extra Provincial Registration in Saskatchewan. Agent for service or power of attorney is legal written authority that act on behalf of a corporation. If needed Government will contact to this Agent for Corporation.

    Where Does RegiCorp Come In?

    Filing Articles of Incorporation can be intricate, but RegiCorp can be your trusty guide. They offer various incorporation packages in Saskatchewan, including:

    • Preparation and filing of your chosen Articles.
    • Name searches to ensure availability.
    • Expert guidance on choosing the right type.
    • Assistance with understanding compliance requirements.
    • Streamlined online filing process.

    Why Choose RegiCorp?

    • Expertise: We have years of experience to incorporate and Registration of Business and company in Saskatchewan incorporations. Our Corporate specialist filed hundreds of Corporations and business in Saskatchewan.
    • Convenience: RegiCorp is fully Online based flatform that means you get everything done online, saving you time and hassle.
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    • Peace of mind: When you place an order with us that means its our responsibility to incorporate and complete that order properly. After placing order you only need to wait to get your documents and can you focus on your business while we handle the paperwork.

    How RegiCorp Helps with Saskatchewan Articles of Incorporation

    RegiCorp simplifies the incorporation process for businesses in Saskatchewan by offering expert guidance and support throughout. Their services include:

    • Name Search and Reservation: Assisting in selecting a compliant and suitable corporate name, including conducting thorough name searches and handling the reservation process.
    • Customization of Articles: Providing professional assistance in drafting the Articles of Incorporation to ensure they meet the specific needs of the business and comply with provincial regulations.
    • Filing Assistance: Navigating the filing process on behalf of the business, including submitting the Articles of Incorporation and any necessary accompanying documents.
    • Post-Incorporation Support: Offering ongoing support after incorporation, such as help with corporate governance, compliance, and annual filings.


    Incorporating a Corporation in Saskatchewan involved a complex process. With RegiCorp as your partner, you can file with confidence and embark on your entrepreneurial journey in Saskatchewan, knowing your business foundation is rock-solid.


    This article is for informational purposes only and doesn’t constitute legal advice. Consult with a professional for personalized guidance specific to your business situation.