Certificate of Status

A Certificate of Compliance, often referred to as a “Certificate of Status” or “Certificate of Good Standing,” is a document issued by provincial or federal authorities confirming that a corporation is compliant with required regulatory filings and obligations, such as annual returns and fee payments, and is authorized to conduct business within the jurisdiction.

What is confirmed by  Certificate of Compliance?

Among other things, a Certificate of Compliance confirms that your business:

Filing Annual Return

Filing Regular changes in your corporation

Keeping Corporate Minute Book

Filing ISC information

Why do you need a Certificate of Compliance?

A Certificate of Compliance may also be required by:

-If you want to expand or continuance or moving out your Corporation to other Jurisdiction

-Bank, Financial institutions, or lenders when you’re trying to obtain financing or getting loan

-Potential business partners or investors

You may need to present your Certificate of Status to renew specific licenses or permits, and a Certificate of Status is also important evidence when it comes time to sell your business.

How RegiCorp can help?

RegiCorp is industry Canada member and Partner and provider with other all jurisdiction in Canada and all 50 states in USA. Providing us with some basic information about your corporation and Company, and we’ll order your “Certificate of Status” or “a “Certificate of Compliance” or “Certificate of Good Standing” from Government Authority or the Secretary of State on your behalf.